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Here's What Happy Dogs and Their Pack Leaders Say about MSB!

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"A very belated, but very BIG thank you!  Angus LOVES his squeaky ball.  He is very toy focused and plays with many of his number of toys daily.  I was saving his squeaky ball as a special surprise for him and gave it to him last weekend. Since then he as no interest in any toy or bone, except his squeaky ball.  We have tested him, tried to get him interested in something else and nope, only the squeaky ball.  AND it shows no signs of wear, has held up to his Staffy Bull Terrier play AND still squeaks!" – Chris and Angus


"I want to put in my two cents worth with regard to the Squeaker Killers of the world.   I have been known to kill a few squeakers in my time.  I consider it my obligation as a PitBull.    But not My Squeaky Ball.     I only have it just before bedtime, and I lay at the bottom of my Mom's Bed and I squeak and squeak and squeak until I fall asleep.    And ----   MSB is the only toy I will fight over.    My brother and sister know better than to try to take MSB away from me, that is for darn sure." – Patti and Bob

"The new ball arrived in good time and is lovely! Thanks so much for your help, and for inventing such a great product.  Really, they are the ideal toy for my power-chewer of a dog." – Marnie and Flim Flam

"I just have to say, out of every toy we've gotten our Destroyer, including the Tuffy brand, this is the only one that's still going strong through never-ending fetch, tug of war with our neighbor's dog, dog park visits, and general play!  So I can't thank you enough for your phenomenal MySqueakyBall!" – Rachel and Nina 


My Squeaky Ball! Pic

"Ovie LOVES his MSBs! We received the latest shipment of large MSBs! Ovie LOVEs them, loves them so much we have to hide them when not playing with them.  He knew where we hid them before and would try and get them out to play with, hahaha.  I'll get one out and throw it around the house and he's happy as can be. Ovie has been tweeting and posting on FaceBook about MSB and telling people about how much he loves them." - Mike and Ovie

"Around here, we have shortened 'My Squeaky Ball!' to 'Doggie-crack' because they are totally addictive - with our dogs AND with us!" – J.B.

"Well worth every penny spent!"
– E.M.

"I love the colors! I have bought a small collection for my Goldendoodle and keep them in the living room because they are so colorful." – F.H.

"We have wasted so much money on dog toys since adopting our puppy English Setter. He either destroys them or ignores them. Not so with his My Squeaky Ball! He treasures it and rarely puts it down. It's his baby!" – P.D.


My Squeaky Ball! Pic
"Just found a red, white and blue MSB! under the deck outside - incredibly stinky, wet and yucky. After a machine wash and dry, it looks as good as new. Thank you for inventing something so practical and fun!" – A.N.

"My 9 year-old Australian Shepard/Spaniel mix has never been a playful dog. I don't know her background, as she was a pound hound I adopted 5 years ago. But she never showed the slightest interest in any toy I, or anyone else, ever gave her....until my mother gave her a MSB. I warned Mom that Misty wouldn't be interested, and she wasn't, at first. But after a week of feigned disinterest, she loves to play with it. She runs around the house chasing it, leaps into the air after it...she has been transformed. It took a few months, but she has ripped into it, now enjoying spilling its guts all over the floor, which I patiently scoop up and stuff back in. I know, I could repair it, but I think she likes pretending it is some wild creature she has successfully caught and interesting fantasy for a suburban dog.
Anyway, great toy, thanks for creating it and releasing the inner puppy in my dog."
– S.F

"My dogs absolutely love the squeeky balls! I kept one back so they wouldn't kill them all in a short time. I will take a photo and attach it for you. I have 3 dogs here, 2 puppies under the age of 1 and a old lady who is 11. The older dog likes to steel the balls when the others are playing with, she then carries it/them around with her everywhere.
Thank you also for sending my son the balls to juggle, that will help him pass the time when he is on base, he appreciates everyones thoughts.
Thanks again, do you sell these balls? I would love to buy 10! I will be in Houston for a few days in Nov, maybe I could buy them then to bring back here?
– F., Equatorial Guinea & Texas
My Squeaky Ball! Pic
"Where did you get this fabulous idea?! I brought the squeaky balls down to Roanoke yesterday and the three dogs went wild over them! What was so awesome was the unique way in which each of the dogs played with them. Milla pounced up and down on hers, making the squeaker sound. Monti played catch and McKinley rolled his all over the place. Each dog guarded his toys. Can't wait to spread the word about this clever invention. I am amazed by the sturdiness. We go through so many toys that last only a few hours or days. These are indestructible. I don't know how you discovered this." – P.

"The balls you gave me are still working and the dogs love them." – "Quack"

"My Yorkie and Maltese are planning with the ball as we speak. Actually, my Maltese gave up and is letting the Yorkie have it for now.
The ball is a hit!!! I hope you have huge success with it." -

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"I'm having a hard time keeping our ferret from 'stealing' our Yorkie's new MSB! I'm going to have to break down and buy another one!"
– A.K., Washington, DC

"Thank you for your donation of balls for our auction. We used them as 'raffle tickets' and sold out within the hour! There was a line to buy one!"
– F.N.R.A., Virginia

"These balls are so unique! I am still surprised at how sturdy they are."
– P.W., Virginia

"Well worth every penny spent!"
– E.M., New York

"We have wasted so much money on dog toys since adopting our puppy English Setter. He either destroys them or ignores them. Not so with his My Squeaky Ball! He treasures it and rarely puts it down. It's his baby!"
– P.D., California


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