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Hand Knit Squeaky Balls For Dogs & Their Pack Leaders

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FAQ's and Facts
MSB! Fact:
Keep your dogs teeth squeaky clean!
Research has shown that daily play with MSB!'s can help keep your dogs teeth clean by helping to remove tartar buildup.

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5% of Every Purchase is Donated to the Foundation


"I'm having a hard time keeping our ferret from 'stealing' our Yorkie's new MSB! I'm going to have to break down and buy another one!"
– A.K., Washington, DC

"Thank you for your donation of balls for our auction. We used them as 'raffle tickets' and sold out within the hour! There was a line to buy one!"
– F.N.R.A., Virginia

"These balls are so unique! I am still surprised at how sturdy they are."
– P.W., Virginia

"Well worth every penny spent!"
– E.M., New York

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